Eating something like this for breakfast sets you up for the day. High in fibre, variety of micronutrients and taste – you know you’ll get through to lunch more easily. Eat with hot water (leave it to sit for 10 mins to make porridgy, put a plate or lid over it if you want it to stay warm), or milk if you really want…. I’ve recently stopped toasting the oats/rye/barley…saves time and nobody noticed

Change the quantities around depending on your taste – more or less of the nuts or fruit especially.

(Quantities are ratios – ie 2 can be 2kg or 200g)


2 rolled oats

2 hearty/jumbo oats

3 mixed toasted buckwheat, rolled barley, rolled rye. (Get the toasted buckwheat (kasha) as it’s the same price as untoasted and saves you toasting it, although it works just fine not toasted!).

0.3 shredded dried coconut

0.5 medium grain brown rice (optional)

1-2 mixed nuts (all natural) eg almonds, cashews, brazils, macadamias, pecans, hazelnuts. Whichever ones you like best and can afford – macadamias start to get expensive and they aren’t very nutritional! Tree nuts are nutritionally best but peanuts are OK too. Pecans and walnuts tend to go off more quickly.

1-2 mixed dried fruit (with no sugar added – read labels!!) eg sultanas, apple, apricots, prunes (pitted), figs. (dates go hard really quickly) Goji look good but are expensive.

1 mixed seeds – pumpkin, sunflower, linseed, chia and sesame.

1 tsp cinnamon, ginger, salt/kelp powder to taste.


  1. Toast coconut under grill – watch carefully as burns quickly. Turn as needed.
  2. Toast mixed nuts under grill until about 1/3-1/2 are golden, turning frequently.
  3. Place pumpkin seeds in glass/pyrex container with lid and microwave for approx 4 mins until most are popped open. May need a little longer. (These can also be toasted in a dry pan, remove from heat when they start to pop and set aside, they will continue to pop as they cool down)
  4. Toast sesame and sunflower seeds in dry saucepan until start to go golden.
  5. Toast linseeds in dry saucepan with lid until they pop. (Do in small batches). They will fly everywhere if no lid, and be very careful or they will burn.
  6. Toast brown rice in hot dry frying pan. One layer of rice at a time, keep moving and they will pop slightly open and go golden. These add crispiness to the muesli and are a reasonable nutritional addition. This bit takes a while. If your teeth are a bit vulnerable, then just leave out the rice – it is designed to add crunch.
  7. Chop large fruit like prunes, figs, apples and apricots into 2, 4 or 6 depending on size.
  8. Mix everything together in a large bowl/stock pot with the chia seeds (if using) and spices. The kasha goes straight in and the oats/rye/barley flakes can be toasted or not depending on your patience!

Most tasty the next day, but then OK for 3-4 months if stored in an airtight container or in the freezer.

These are rough estimates – you are likely to want more or less of something to your taste. Each batch I make is slightly different! I make 20kgs at a time, so I have given you relative amounts. eg if you use 1kg of rolled oats, then use 250g of brown rice, 500g fruit etc. It is a bit fiddly, so worth making larger quantities then you don’t have to do it so often. I use the grill for toasting, but I have friends who do it all in a large pan.


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