Drink 1.5-2.5L fluid per day. This may vary depending on your circumstances and does include soups and water in food.

Do NOT drink your calories in smoothies, juices, fizzy drinks, packaged iced tea/coffee (from the supermarket) etc. Processed drinks also contain a lot of sugar and salt. Our bodies also get hungry more quickly after liquid calories and we often take in more calories than we meant to.

Best drinks are: water, water, water, herbal tea, black tea, black coffee.

Do not drink juice – fruit or vegetable (even home-made) as it is mostly sugar.

Alcohol is not good for us in any form (despite what the papers say). The studies which showed alcohol to be beneficial for heart disease etc were funded by the alcohol industry. All other studies show it to be mostly harmful.

We know that the liver can detoxify small amounts and this seems to be a limit of 12 units per week for men and women. (1 unit = 100mls wine = 250mls standard beer = 25mls spirit). If you drink less than this it is unlikely you will come to harm, but it still won’t be good for your health.

In some circumstances it is better to drink no alcohol, such as liver disease and pregnancy. Others, such as those with high blood pressure or inflammation should stick to very low intake such as less than 2-7 units per week.


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