How to sprout beans and lentils

Any whole lentil or small bean can be sprouted. I like mung beans and green lentils the best. Organic beans are most likely to sprout well. You can eat them raw as a snack, put them in salads or cook with them – add them to soups, stews, dhals etc.

If you use non-organic, you may get a few that don’t sprout – they will remain hard and you might break a tooth accidentally!


1. Place 1-2cm mung beans in container and cover with water. Leave for 12-24 hours.


2. Rinse and leave drained for another 24 hours on a windowsill (light and preferably warmish – they will take longer to sprout if colder). They will have swelled slightly by this time.


3. Repeat each day.


4. As the days go by they will swell to fill most of the jar.


5. You can start to eat them as soon as they split and start to show little white tails. If you leave them they will slowly grow into the bean sprouts you can buy – but I have usually scoffed them by then. Keep rinsing them every day to stop them going mouldy. Once they have sprouted, you can put them in the fridge in a new container and start another lot in the jar.


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