As a consultant specialist physician Marion discovered whilst researching patients’ conditions that an ever increasing number of health issues were being connected to diet. To prove that switching to a regime of regular physical exercise along with a wholegrain, low sugar, vegan diet with plenty of fresh vegetables was possible for someone working full time, she switched to it herself. Since then she has been adapting recipes both for households and larger gatherings (eg 50 people) for her own use. Of course people kept asking her for the recipes, hence this site!profile-pic

Marion has been writing a number of helpful pamphlets for her patients on various aspects of health and diet. We’re sharing them here as not everyone gets the opportunity to see her in Wellington for a consultation, and in any case it is far better for people make the changes before they need to see a specialist!

As well as private practice and working at local hospitals and the hospice Marion also shares her knowledge through Wellington TimeBank both on a one to one level and through talks for the local community. Her sessions and workshops at the annual Quaker Summer Gathering on diet, health and most recently bringing in ethical considerations are always well attended and led to the term ‘Marionated’ being coined to describe food which fit her recommendations.

Many of the recipes have been adapted from other original sources, many of which have long since been forgotten. Where possible the original author has been credited, if you spot something not attributed that you think you know the origin of please let us know so we can give credit where it is due!