Root veg, leafy green and coconut curry

This dry and delicious curry is particularly good to make with left over roasted root vegetables. (Vegan, Gluten Free)


‘Putting bicycles at the top of the cliff’

For too long we’ve been putting the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff and the time has come to put cycling and walking at the top of our transport agenda. I've long been advocating for an active healthy lifestyle, and commuting by bike or on foot is an ideal way to incorporate exercise into … Continue reading ‘Putting bicycles at the top of the cliff’

Good food guide to eating out

Either intentionally or when you accidentally leave home without a better option… Eating out, or even with friends is tricky if you want to eat well, feel good and maintain your weight. This guide is not a way to eat healthily, it’s simply how to make the best choices when faced with mostly bad options. … Continue reading Good food guide to eating out

Exercise prescription

Activity is extremely important for overall good health and needs to be added to a healthy diet. There are a multitude of studies showing how important activity is ranging from simply getting up more often through to deliberate exercise. There are a number of reasons for exercising. One is to get fit, win races or … Continue reading Exercise prescription