Mythbusting: complete proteins and amino acids

Those new to switching to a plant based diet may have distant memories from biology or cookery lessons in the past about getting enough complete proteins and amino acids. Scientific understanding has moved on so much that it isn't considered an issue any more, however given I was asked about it there is obviously still … Continue reading Mythbusting: complete proteins and amino acids

Food and Type II Diabetes

Type II diabetes is a disease of insulin resistance and hyperinsulinaemia. It causes damage to the nerves and blood vessels and this leads to the consequences of heart disease, strokes, blindness, kidney failure and leg amputations. The good news is it can often be managed with positive changes to diet and exercise along with insulin. … Continue reading Food and Type II Diabetes

Hierarchy of vegetables

We need to eat 8-10 portions of vegetables and fruit per day. But not all vegetables were created equal! This guide is for consideration of vegetable eating only and is not comprehensive. (Some veggies may have been missed….use the principles and add your own notes). Just because a vegetable is low on the list doesn’t … Continue reading Hierarchy of vegetables

‘Putting bicycles at the top of the cliff’

For too long we’ve been putting the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff and the time has come to put cycling and walking at the top of our transport agenda. I've long been advocating for an active healthy lifestyle, and commuting by bike or on foot is an ideal way to incorporate exercise into … Continue reading ‘Putting bicycles at the top of the cliff’

Good food guide to eating out

Either intentionally or when you accidentally leave home without a better option… Eating out, or even with friends is tricky if you want to eat well, feel good and maintain your weight. This guide is not a way to eat healthily, it’s simply how to make the best choices when faced with mostly bad options. … Continue reading Good food guide to eating out

Exercise prescription

Activity is extremely important for overall good health and needs to be added to a healthy diet. There are a multitude of studies showing how important activity is ranging from simply getting up more often through to deliberate exercise. There are a number of reasons for exercising. One is to get fit, win races or … Continue reading Exercise prescription

B12 deficiency and diet

B12 deficiency can make you feel very unwell as it is a co-factor in most cellular processes. Deficiency often manifests first as fatigue, then neurological symptoms (such as pins and needles) and then as anaemia. There are many other symptoms of B12 deficiency. There are many causes of B12 deficiency. Some are caused by lack … Continue reading B12 deficiency and diet