Cauliflower & sweetcorn in vegan cheese sauce

This is a perfect sauce base for vegan scrambled eggs by adding tofu and also vegan cauliflower cheese or vegan palak paneer... There are quite a few ingredients so it’s worth making a large batch and freezing it in individual portions (this recipe makes about 10 decent portions), but it will also last a good … Continue reading Cauliflower & sweetcorn in vegan cheese sauce

Two fresh pickles

Fresh pickles and chutneys add a bit of extra zest to any meal. They can be offered as a way of boosting the 'heat' of meals for those with a higher chilli tolerance when catering for diverse tastes! Carrot Pickle Ingredients 2 cups carrots chopped into matchsticks 1 clove garlic finely sliced 1 teaspoon Fenugreek … Continue reading Two fresh pickles

Self saucing date pudding

For 25-30 (25 large portions or 30 normal portions esp if served with custard) This is a serious crowd pleaser and I’ve even made it twice in a week at Summer Gathering with great appreciation from the gathering. It’s vegan but contains gluten and sugar. However, as cakes go, it’s pretty healthy with mostly wholemeal … Continue reading Self saucing date pudding