Drink 1.5-2.5L fluid per day. This may vary depending on your circumstances and does include soups and water in food. Do NOT drink your calories in smoothies, juices, fizzy drinks, packaged iced tea/coffee (from the supermarket) etc. Processed drinks also contain a lot of sugar and salt. Our bodies also get hungry more quickly after … Continue reading Drinks


Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting has been practiced for millennia. Mostly due to lack of food and dressed up within religious observance, although some ancestors advocated it for health including Plato and Aristotle. We do know that human beings never had regular access to food (every 3-5 hours) and there is evidence that we become more creative if … Continue reading Intermittent fasting

Being Vegetarian

Much of the world is vegetarian and it is consistently shown to be healthier to eat this way. Populations that switch to animal protein start to develop the illnesses of the west. The best evidence is for reducing cardiovascular disease, but cancer, dementia and many inflammatory diseases are also improved. However….avoiding animal protein isn’t enough … Continue reading Being Vegetarian